Pediatric Dentistry

Think of a pediatric dentist as the pediatrician of dentistry. Like pediatricians, pediatric dentists are specially trained to treat the specific needs of infants, children and teens. Pediatric dentists are recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA) as dental specialists; they complete four years of training plus two years in residency. For these reasons, the pediatric dental office is one of the most important resources for moms and dads. It's where parents can rest assured that their kids will receive the best in pediatric dental care.

Beyond their dental expertise, pediatric dentists also know how to interact with kids. This can be a huge help, especially during your child's first dental visit or if your child has dental anxiety. And most pediatric dental practices are designed just for kids. While each pediatric dental office is different, a ""kid-friendly environment"" usually means plenty of toys and other activities, pillows & blankets and goodie bags.

Consider a Kid's Dentist

- Dental specialist for infants, kids & teens - Creates a fun office setting - Receives 2 to 3 years of specialty training

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