Mini Gastric Bypass

Mini-gastric bypass is a quicker operation compared to traditional laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery. Operating times are reduced, on average by 50 minutes. After surgery you will have some belly pain, particularly at your incision sites. The incision sites, typically 5, are between 5mm and 12mm in length. This is where the surgeon inserted ports to access your abdomen.

You will typically be required to stay overnight in the hospital. Occasionally patients are kept an additional day for observation.

Once you are home, you’ll be required to follow a strict diet. A liquid diet (soft food) is usually required for the first two weeks after surgery. This may include protein shakes, water, pureed soft foods, and soup. Follow the instructions from your surgeon. After two weeks, soft foods are introduced. And after a month you’ll be back to normal foods. However, you’ll be asked to follow a new diet that will include more protein, vegetables and fruit. Your stomach is much smaller and there is no room for junk food (you need to maximize nutrients from every bite you eat).

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