Laparoscopic Discectomy

Laparoscopic surgery is also termed as endoscopic surgery, related to the spine. It is a minimally invasive surgical technique, which is used from two decades. This procedure is performed to remove or repair the organs surgially, in the body, with small incisions made. The advantages of this procedure are, minimal complications, less tissues of surroundings to be damaged and faster healing benefit.

The laparoscopic approach is performed through making 3 to 4 incisions, which are of ¼ inches length. A laparoscope that looks to be thin and long along with the camera set at one end. The laparoscope helps the surgeon to view the internal parts of the surgical field over a screen or a monitor in the operation thereat.

The term discectomy means removal of the disc, called vertebral disc. Vertebral discs are major parts present in the spine. Spine is comprised of vertebra, or in simple words, a bone and spinal column is made from them. The purpose of the vertebral discs is to protect the nerves that would make the overall spinal cord. The protection is provided, by acting as sponge or cushion and also act like shock absorbers. These discs enabel the human body to easily rotate, bend or twist.



There are two surgical techniques involved to perform the laparoscopic discectomy.

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