Sex Selection

The selection of gender has been a quest of couples for as far back as recorded history allows. Early drawings from prehistoric times suggest that gender selection efforts were being investigated by our earliest ancestors.

The steps and procedures for gender selection are as follows:

  1. Several eggs are extracted from the mother by our doctors, sperm is supplied by the father.
  2. The father's sperm is used to fertilize the mother's eggs in our lab.
  3. After 3 days, several 8-cell embryos will have developed.
  4. Our doctor-scientist specialists examine the genetic makeup of the embryos, screening for both genetic diseases and desired gender.
  5. Healthy embryos of the gender you desire are implanted in the mother.
  6. Any additional healthy embryos may be cryo-frozen for future use.
  7. Gestation and birth take place as normal.
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