►What is the ideal age for a rhinoplasty?

►How long after rhinoplasty should I wait to get revision?

►How long should I stay in iran after rhinoplasty surgery?

►Is exercising ok after the rhinoplasty or not?

►When to re-start skin care after rhinoplasty? Should patients typically wait longer so the cast comes off?

►Do I have to pay revision rhinoplasty if the primary one was a medical malfunction?

►Should I have an open or closed rhinoplasty? Which one is better?

►What kin of anesthesia is more proper during the cosmetic surgery?

►When should I return to work after hair transplant?

►Am I allowed to do physical activity after gastric sleeve surgery?

►How long does it take to do a gastric sleeve surgery?

►How long should I have to be Off work after loss weight surgery?

►Will I need additional surgery after my weight loss surgery?

►How long does a hair transplant procedure take?

►Is it possible if new transplanted hair to fall?

►How long does the hair transplant procedure take and how much hair is implanted in each session?

►How safe are the iranian dentists?

►How can I manage my phobia of going to the dentist?

►Why dental procedures cost less in iran according to other countries?

►How much money can I save if I do my dental operations in iran?

►What are the dental materials that are used in iran?

►What if something goes wrong in dental procedure in iran?

►Will the dental procedure hurt?

►When Should I expect results after my hair transplant?

►Why people get attracted to medical tourism in iran?

►What are the advantages of the tourism part in iran?

►What services the medical tourism in iran provide?

►What medical procedure are most common and popular in iran?

►Why can 't I schedule my trip to iran by my own?

►Are the scars visible after face lift surgery?

►Will the result of face lift surgery be natural?

►How long does a face lift surgery take?

►Is the result of face lift surgery permanent?

►Is a mini face lift really effective?

►Are the effects of neck lift surgery long lasting?

►Is neck lift surgery suitable if one plans to lose weight?

►Is there age limit for neck surgery?

►Can neck surgery combined with other methods?

►What is expected after a neck lift surgery?

►What are lip fillers made of?

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